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     Rekindling the Impossible Dream - By Ken Glanister '65

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      Photos of Texas Mini Reunion March 18-21st  2010   New!

Texas Photos Pg 1

Texas Photos Pg 2

Texas Photos Pg 3


      Kindley Memories - Stories sent in by our Alumni and compiled by Robert "Pinky" Nielson '65.


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 1962 Yearbook by Kim Willits
 1963  Kindley Yearbook
 1964 Kindley Yearbook 
 1965 Kindley Yearbook
 1966 Kindley Yearbook
 1967 Kindley Yearbook
 1968 Kindley Yearbook
 1969 Kindley Yearbook
 1970 Kindley Yearbook


      Seventeen Magazine 1968 - Noxema Ad


2007 Bermuda Cruise Photos



     Photos of how we look now.

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      Photos  ( Thousands of Photos Posted here - Reunions, Cruises, misc)

2007 Cruise 2002 Cruise As We Look Now 1962 Yearbook
Bermuda Bikes 2005 Sacramento Mini Hurricane Fabian 1998 Orlando Reunion
2000 Las Vegas Reunion 2003 Texas Reunion 2006 Hurricane Florence 2006 Vegas Mini
Old Bermuda Photos - Don Short 2005 Washington DC Reunion Photos submitted by US AIR FORCE Bermuda Biloxi Mini

October 2008

Kindley Airplanes 2004 Sacramento Mini Diane Allison Biloxi Mini Reunion Photos  October 2008

Texas Mini  Photos


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         Photos of Teen Town (Thanks to Wayne Garrison and Dennis Wright)   

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New!    Mystery/Suspense Novel


 by Jon Dorrough '65

Bermuda Forts 1612-1957  - Dr Edward Cecil Harris Director Bermuda Maritime Museum
Heritage Matters - Essays on the History of Bermuda - Dr. Edward Cecil Harris - Director Bermuda Maritime Museum
CD by Oscar "OZ" Carrasquillo KAFB H.S. '70 see item 7


 Poetry Book By Robert "Pinky" Nielsen '65  see item 8
 Book by Jane Barcroft ('66)


 Bermuda on my mind - and Pink Sand Poems by Jane Barcroft  new link!


          Bermuda Poems by our Grads 



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